High Mountain Laundry is a NEW type of Laundry service.

In addition to the traditional self service coin laundry service we also offer:

    • LAZY BOBCAT LAUNDRY SERVICE: Semester and School Year plans available for weekly laundry service with pick up and drop off at your dorm or off campus home.
    • WASH and FOLD service: when your laundry gets out of control, drop off the whole pile and allow our trained laundry professionals to wash and fold your laundry for you. Same day drop off and pick up is available.
    • DRY CLEANING: Through our partnership with [insert name of Mike McKay's business] you can drop off and pick up your dry cleaning at our store. the [insert Mckay business] is the best dry cleaner in the tri-state area and we are proud to partner with them.
    • COMMERCIAL ACCOUNTS: We provide business service and pricing for your commercial laundry needs. We currently provide commercial cleaning for [insert fire restoration co name] and other local businesses. Call us for a custom proposal to service your business.